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Self-paced online courses

We created a self-paced online course library for all the Forex patterns and strategies we teach

Find the tier that matches your expectations

From Starter to Pro, there is a level for everyone to get started. You can always change your subscription if you want to push forward or ease the throttle.

Like minded community in Discord

Get access to the Discord server with dedicated channels for each Forex pattern and strategy, along with an active community of traders. 

Access the courses and start learning

Go through the content each month and if you have any questions, ask in Discord. We’ll be happy to help.

Trade alerts, EAs and indicators

We release trade alerts for the patterns and strategies we use, so you can learn as well. Multiple strategies have their own indicators for TradingView to help you spot setups.


Which course are you looking for?

Learn cryptic price geometries and decipher price action

We teach you what we trade every day and we trade along with you. You can start with simpler and easier patterns and grow to the Pro tier. 

85USD / month

Flexible, affordable pricing to help you get started.


Multiple hours of content to go through and learn


It takes 4 to 11 weeks to complete the content, based on tier


Each are in different stages of their trading journey


$85 /month
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Daily trade alerts on Discord
  • Access to a dedicated and like minded community
  • For less than a cup of coffee per day

Combined 20 years of trading experience

Some of us are full time traders, some others are not. We’re dads, moms, every day fulltime workers, passionate about trading.

We’re not gurus and we’re not promising any “get rick quick” schemes. We know what works and what doesn’t and we’re sharing this with you, so you avoid the same mistakes we made when we started.

We’ve been involved in collaborative efforts in tight communities where we’ve helped find successful trading systems, and ultimately discovered our own adapted methods from that prior knowledge and experience. What we bring to you is our own take on market insights with some precise factors we’ve developed.

This is what makes us unique. Down to earth people, with a passion for trading, with unique backgrounds from around the world, coming together as one and giving you what we think is the best approach to become a successful and independent trader, just like us.


What our students say

We take the success of our students very seriously and we strive for the best. Here are a few testimonials by students that found success in our community. You’re always welcome to hop in the Discord server and talk with them directly.
AMGCGiM Member
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The CPG strategies and courses took me through the learning process step by step and taught me how to be an independent trader and profitable...I love the CPG community and how our questions are answered.
SartanPatrynCGiM Member
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Hello fellow traders! Would just like to say that I've been a CPG student for just over a month now and I feel like I've grown leaps and bounds with the team. I'm well on my journey to becoming confident in my technical analysis and developing trade ideas independently! I really enjoy the banter with the other students, it's really great to have other traders to bounce trade ideas off of. In my mind, having a community of like-minded individuals is one of the best support structures which a trader could ask for. So don't wait! Get on to one of the packages and get involved!
InderCGiM Member
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Anyone sitting on the edge and wondering should I or not...this is the best opportunity. I have been there and took the plunge to try it out. I will recommend it highly . The amount of hard-work @Matt - Team X and team put in unparalleled . The indicator is very easy to understand coupled with basic understanding of forex can increase your account balance easily. That too not having to trade all the pairs. Just trade the high performing pairs that it.... PS: The results in forex are not guaranteed and the above are my views based on 2 months of using it. I have been with this indicator since launch and its great.
IcemaskzCGiM Member
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I've been a member for almost a month now. During this one month, the x factor team have been very committed and professional in putting in their best effort for us! From always doing their best to optimize the easy to understand system to answering our queries efficiently, these guys are really sincere and dedicated! Never regretted being a member and having a dedicated community like them makes trading easier to manage! Most importantly, the backtesting data that the system has, gives new traders like me the confidence to trade!
Nic 'Nicito83' RogersCGiM Member
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We've all heard the familiar phrase, "Knowledge is power." Well let me tell you that's not true, "Knowledge shared is power." This is exactly what they do at CGiM. Their goal truly is to develop you into a first class Forex trader, through their experience, genuineness in seeing you successful, and truly creating a community where we can thrive together. The whole team compliments each other perfectly, from PeeKay coding and developing - running the behind the scenes gambit, to Tasos giving one to one instruction and ensuring his pupils are challenged and learning, to finally Matt and the X-factor team being constant resources through their respective niches. My only regret is that I didn't find CGiM sooner and I have no doubts you'll have the same thoughts after seeing your performance improve dramatically. Truly the more you put into cryptic geometries the more you get out, and you are the only limitation to you gains you seek!

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with us

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