About us


Years of trading experience

Some of us are full time traders, some others are not. We’re dads, moms, every day fulltime workers, passionate about trading.

We’re not gurus and we’re not promising any “get rich quick” schemes. We know what works and what doesn’t and we’re sharing this with you, so you avoid the same mistakes we made when we started.

This is what makes us unique. Down to earth people, with a passion for trading, with unique backgrounds from around the world, coming together as one and giving you what we think is the best approach to become a successful and independent trader, just like us.


Head trader / Founder / Mentor

Founder of the CGiM community and head trader, Tasos enjoys lurking the markets to find new opportunities using the proprietary patterns he discovered and developed through the years. He decided to open up some of that knowledge of cryptic geometries in the market, which was held by select few to everyone. He enjoys teaching people and he's always available to answer your questions.

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