How to register

How do I register?  

To register, you have to go to

There you will find the course and a description of the lessons that are going to be delivered. In order to register you have two options.  

    • If you don’t care about the username, you can click on “Take this course”.
      • Read “I don’t care about my username” section of this page
    • If you want to choose your username, you can click on “Login”.
      • Read “I want to choose my username” section of this page

Do you have a learning plan you can share?

Yes, you can find more information here.  

I don’t care about my username

This will get you to Stripe’s secure checkout page (either it will be a popup or it will redirect you there), where you can enter your details to proceed with the payment. I don’t have any access to your financial information. The page is securely hosted on Stripe’s address. You can learn more about them at   Once you complete your payment, please wait until you’re redirected back to the course page. This can take a few moments.  

I want to choose my username  

If you want to choose your own username, do not click “Take this course” but click “Login” and then “Register an account”. You’ll have to provide a username and email. No, you don’t provide a password at this stage. You’ll get to select it, after you verify your email.   Once you verify your email and select a password (look below for details), then you have to return to this page, “Login” and click on “Take this course” to enroll to the lesson. Once you complete your payment, please wait until you’re redirected back to the course page. This can take a few moments.  

Verification and password selection  

You will receive an email from us, link to go verify your email and set your password. Please click the link and set a password of your liking.    

How do I start the lesson and what is the duration of the lessons?  

You can then return to this page and click on “Login”. Provide the username and password and login to the course.

This will reveal all the lessons part of the course and give you access to the first lesson, The Method. Total duration of all the lessons is about 5 months. You can follow the courses at your own pace and once done with material, we have a discord channel and forums were we discuss and share trades and ideas. We also answer any questions you might have and help you master each strategy. A new lesson unlocks each month for each one of the strategies. In some strategies, we give you indicators on TradingView as well, for free.

Discord server  

In the course material, you can find the link for the discord server. Once you join, you won’t have access to read or write any messages, until we verify you’re a student. This is a manual process and it can take a few hours, so please be patient. I’m providing the link here as well for your own convenience ->


If you have any issues during registration or you want to ask us something, please feel free send us an email at or join my discord at

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