Learning plan for the patterns and strategies

Decided to become a profitable trader

You've made your research and you're looking for a genuine and honest community to learn and grow. No fake gurus, just down to earth people like you.

Sep 01, 2020

You take the free "The Method" lesson to evaluate the content

We offer one of our strategies for free, so you can see what the content is all about and test it out. All you have to do is signup for free on the website and then head to the CGP - Starter course.

Read MoreSep 01, 2020

You completed part of "The Method" lesson and you want to check out the community

Hop in our Discord server and checkout the community. Chat with other people, gather opinions and see if you're a fit. You can also request a free 14 day trial to unlock member-only areas in the server and see behind the scenes.

Read MoreSep 03, 2020

Great content, great community = recipe for success

You found a great community of traders, valuable content that helps you grow as a trader, offering unique patterns and strategies part of the cryptic geometries that we're only available to select few so far. It's time to join us and start your journey. Find the right tier for you and join us today!

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New strategies unlock

Depending on the tier you selected to join, 1 to 3 lessons unlock today for you. Go through the content, come up with any questions, ask in Discord for help, discuss ideas with other traders and find the right setups to trade.

Oct 10, 2020

Even more content! Time to start using the indicators.

More content unlocks this month for you and you're far enough in your journey that you can start using some of the indicators we provide to allow you to recognize the setups faster.

Nov 10, 2020

Yes, more content, more strategies.

Multiple lessons and strategies unlock this month for you as well. You're close on having all the content unlocked by now and it's time to focus on becoming profitable on a demo account or very small size on a real account.

Dec 10, 2020

Demo vs Real account

You've set a goal with the new year to start a real account and start making some money. This is always the tricky part for a trader and it can make or break your confidence. The community is here to support you, we're here to support you and we know our strategies work. All you have to do is have discipline, humility and respect the market.

Jan 1, 2021


$85 /month
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Daily trade alerts on Discord
  • Access to a dedicated and like minded community
  • For less than a cup of coffee per day

Learning speed of strategies

Above we shared a timeline that we think is relevant to the lessons and the learning journey. However, they are not a guarantee, they are just an average based on what we’ve think the pace is going to be. Each person is unique and the pace they learn is different. Don’t be disappointed if it takes a little longer or don’t get carried away if you finish a little earlier. Continuous education is the key to success.

Be mindful, completion doesn’t simply mean read the content. It means to read, understand the content and the examples and start looking for setups.


If you have any issues during registration or you want to ask us something, please feel free send us an email at market@crypticgeometry.money or join our Discord.

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