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This space was created solely for the purpose of teaching the Cryptic Price Movement geometry. For the first time in the world, the teaching of cryptic price geometry begins, because until today, it was a privilege of a small closed club of people, which kept these secrets for its own exclusive use. We know, it sounds like snake oil, but it’s not.

The cryptic price geometry has its roots in the theory of Elliot Waves and Wolf Waves. Nevertheless, the cryptic price geometry has its own principles and its own rules. It produces new price chart graphs, gives answers to the overruns of point 5 of the Elliot theory and the price targets are always accurate and strictly defined. You will see in practice, by slowly learning the cryptic price geometry, that everything is connected in a harmonious and complementary way.

The teaching material is constantly enriched and today includes a few patterns and “tools”. 

Patterns are:

  • The Method

    Everyday, easy to understand and apply strategy.

  • Hermes pattern

    An extension to the Method, to give you more confidence and recognize more trading opportunities

  • Ares pattern

    Price geometry pattern that helps you spot reversal points and trade them successfully.

  • C.G.P pattern

    A high yield, low risk, price geometry pattern that identifies points of reversal, defines entries and sets clear Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Risk Reward ratio is really high with this pattern but it's complex to identify and needs time to master.

  • P.U.R.E

    P.U.R.E is a strategy that uses a combination of RSI and EMAs to allow for precise and entries and following trend waves.

It also includes the AG.L.E (AGgressive Level Entry), the formation and application of the “Orthodox” 5 and an under development strategy, called A.T.S (Aggressive Trading Strategy). The duration of the courses and their practical application is estimated to be about 5 months. The pace of the course is based on the ease of understanding the concepts and their application. We will start with the order mentioned above, first with the Method, and we will end up with the demanding C.G.P. pattern and whenever necessary will be taught the other tools mentioned, which further help you define correct levels, filter out false positives etc. 

The principles and values of cryptic geometry have the same effectiveness in any market and in any time frame. To achieve the purpose of this teaching, you need to have and deeply root in your mind two things, both during the course and especially during your battle in the real market arenas.

  • First, humility

    You need humility and not arrogance towards the market.

  • Second, patience

    You need patience and not haste in your decisions and the goals you put on the market.

Cryptic Geometry in Markets

What is included?
  • Learn 5 successful trading strategies/patterns
  • Learn 2 methods to identify entry levels
  • Automated "The Method" EA for MT4
  • Weekly and Daily Trade alerts
  • Active members like you
  • Trade reviews and setups
  • For less than a cup of coffee per day

In closing we declare for reasons of legal obligation, that any written analysis or reference, as well as any price chart contained or communicated on this site and referring to a future price movement, is made for educational purposes and it is not an advice or incitement to participate financially in any trade. Participation in any trade and any risk you undertake is exclusive and only your responsibility. We try to help you minimize that risk by providing proper money management techniques and strategies like risking only a small amount that you feel comfortable (e.g. 0.25% to 2%) of your capital per trade, cut losses early and let profits run, understanding lot sizes, using trade swaps to your advantage and more.

Leverage trading is not for everybody and there is a risk of losing all of your capital.

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